enCore v5 Installation

The enCore MOO Database version > 5.x can only be installed on top of enCore MOO version 4.0.1.
If applicable you must upgrade any enCore MOO 3.x or lower to version 4.0.1 before proceeding.

Download and apply the needed patches from enCore Learning Environment's SourceForge.net project page.

Upgrade existing enCore installation

Required steps

  1. Backup your current database.
  2. Download our compressed archive of the new patch, icons, smiles and Java applett from
    the enCore Learning Environment's SourceForge.net project page .
  3. Unpack archive and move files to the encore folder of your web server (where the encore icons, etc. are currently located).
    Refresh your memory on unpacking & moving if needed.
  4. Read the instructions in enCore-5.0b.patch and apply the patch by pasting in small portions of the patch at a time.

Optional, but recommended steps