enCore v5 Installation

LambdaMOO Unicode Patch

Based on unicode-moo-4.diff © Mathieu Fenniak.

This guide assumes that you are running an un-patched version of LambdaMOO server 1.8.1.
Important: This will not work on earlier versions (< 1.8.1) of the LambdaMOO server.

  1. Backup your enCore database (just in case).

  2. Shut down your MOO server.

  3. Add a patches folder to your LambdaMOO server root.

  4. Add unicode-moo-4.diff to the folder created in the previous step.

  5. Move to the root directory of your server, e.g. /home/moo.

  6. Apply the patch. Example command:

    [me@work MOO-1.8.1] patch -l < patches/unicode-moo-4.diff
    Note! The 'l' in the command is NOT a '1' (integer one), but a lowercase 'L'.

    This will produce the following files: utf8.c, utf8.h and utf8.o.

  7. recode your database to UTF-8, if needed. See optional step in the upgrade instructions.

  8. Restart your MOO server using the new UTF-8 database.

  9. Allright, you may now write odd chars such as Æ, Ø and the infamous Å in a MOO near you.

Many, many thanks and kudos to Mathieu Fenniak for the great work he has done on this patch! Respect!

All the best,

Kevin Tysdal
Bergen April 5 2006.

Last updated by Trond K. Pettersen, November 15 2006.