Bookmarks in v5

I have completely redesigned the Bookmark feature in v5.

1. New feature: The group bookmarks

Bookmarks have now three "locations" they apply to: (a) on the user, as personal bookmarks, (b) on the MOO, as global bookmarks, (c) on the group, as group bookmarks.

Say you have a MOO which houses two courses this semester: one in Rethorics and one in Spanish. Each of the courses should have a set with bookmarks in order for them to easier find the resources they are required to read. How do you manage that? You can create two subsections in the global bookmarks, or you can assign bookmarks to the group. The difference between the group bookmarks I now introduced and the global bookmarks are the following.

Bookmarks are conveniently set in the Object Editor when editing the group. I applied the pull-down/uncheck design found in many places in v5.

Since group bookmarks are defined on the group the user is a member of, and not on the user himself, they cannot be removed by users. They can only be removed by [co-]owners of the group they are defined on. In addition to that, they can be set to expire at a given date, again, by [co-]owner of the note (or the thing the bookmark refers to). See the section about Recycling and the Trashbin.

2. Personal bookmarks

Like before, you can create personal bookmarks. For convenience, the user can now set notes and rooms as bookmarks from within the web frame: I have made a bookmark icon that pops up the Navigator window and automatically inserts the object viewed into the bookmarks list. It is the last of the "contextual menu" icons below the title, cf. the following illustration:

3. Old, new and changed bookmarks

Take a look at the following screenshot:

The user is a member of the group "The Kick Offs". There are three bookmarks defined on the group. For convenience, the bookmarks are marked with new, old and changed tags in order to tell the user if a bookmarks has been visited, or not, or if there have been changes since the last time the user viewed the bookmark, and if yes, when.

4. Global bookmarks

The global bookmarks work as before. I just redesigned the way they are retrieved and set, and applied the dropdown/uncheck-design to this feature as well. I reckon that makes it easier to pick the correct numbers when adding bookmarks; the bookmarks are also clickable (and thus verifiable) in the web frame.

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