v5 Documentation

I put together a few documents to show where v5 is right now, what has been done, what must be done before release and what can be done in future releases.

Document Description Date Change
Changelog Rough and quite unexplained list of changes from enCore version 4.0.1 to version 5. 12 MAY 06 22:35 14 MAY 06 15:40
FAQ Quite unfinished and eclectic FAQ about things people have been wondering about. Contains a reply to a mail from Cynthia with some questions from the Steering commitee. 02 DEC 05 22:35
To do This document describes what is left to do before v5 goes public. 02 DEC 05 22:35
Help function for enCore A proposed model for centralized Help. Includes a 23-pages PDF-report on fesability. 22 JAN 06 10:35
Quota and Recycling This document describes the free quota system and issues related to recycling and deletion of objects, including the trashbin system. 02 DEC 05 22:35
File upload There is a new and nifty feature in v5: Users may upload local files to their own enCore folder and organize them from inside the MOO without additional password. 02 DEC 05 22:35 24 APR 06 09:00
Order This document describes ways to display, rearrange and remove contents from objects like rooms, binders etc. 02 DEC 05 22:35
Bookmarks About the new feature Group Bookmarks, setting, deleting and expiring bookmarks.
Rooms and Communication About the new frameset and customizing layout on the web frame room view. About the way "talking" is rendered, about the new web controlled Intercom Device, and 02 DEC 05 22:35
Appearance About the new way of setting user, object and chat appearance. 28 APR 06 16:22
Language About the new language features and settings in v5. 03 MAY 06 11:54
Groups About the new key feature "Groups", how to create them, what to use them for and where they apply 14 MAY 06 15:34
Forums and Categories Rough overview over the thread-functions in the Forum Mailer. Preliminary document, no screenshots. 15 MAY 06 19:54
WYSIWYG Editor About the WYSIWYG Editor support in v5. 5 NOV 06 14:29
Set, clear and force in v5 About setting, clearing and forcing properties. 13 NOV 06 23:29