What are writers doing on the net?

Sue Thomas
trAce Online Writing Community, UK
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Abstract: TrAce is carrying out a survey to discover how writers are using the web. It is in two forms: (1) a paper questionnaire sent to 7,000 UK writers via The Author magazine and (2) an identical online questionnaire administered by the Nottingham Trent University on behalf of trAce. The results are due to be released in June 2000. This paper will summarise our findings and attempt to provide an overview of what writers are doing online right now; what they would like to be doing; and the areas in which they need support and development. The paper questionnaire will give a special insight into the UK scene and the online questionnaire will, we hope, give an insight into the concerns of the general trAce membership, which covers 99 countries.

About the Presenter: Sue Thomas is a writer and Director of trAce. Her books include CORRESPONDENCE, a novel of machine life, and WATER, an inorganic romance. The trAce Online Writing Community connects writers and readers around the world in real and virtual space.