Embodied Interaction and the Aesthetics of Behavior

Keynote address

Simon Penny
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
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About the Presenter: Simon Penny is an Australian artist, theorist and teacher in the field of Interactive Media Art. His art practice consists of interactive and robotic installations, which have been exhibited in the US, Australia and Europe. His current project "Traces" is a telematic interactive environment using networked CAVEs with machine vision sensing in each CAVE. This project is a development of directions pursued in the machine vision driven interactive digital video installation "Fugitive," first shown at ZKM Multimediale5, Oct97 and again at EMAF98 (European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck). Other recent projects include the emergent complexity sound installation Sympathetic Sentience (I, II and III, with Jameison Schulte) and the autonomous robotic artwork Petit Mal.

He publishes and speaks on Culture and Technology and Electronic Media Art. His essays have been translated into seven languages. His recent publications include: "The Virtualisation of Art Practice: Body Knowledge and the Engineering World View" (CAA Art Journal Fall97), "The Darwin Machine: Artificial Life and Interactive Art" (New Formations UK,#29,Technoscience Issue, 1996), "Cyborg Art and Systems Aesthetics: the Legacy of Jack Burnham" (Sculpture Magazine, jan99), and "Agents as artworks and agent design as artistic practice" in Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology, Ed : Kerstin Dautenhahn , John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2000.

He curated Machine Culture (arguably the first international survey exhibition of interactive art) at SIGGRAPH '93 in Anaheim CA. He edited the anthology Critical Issues in Electronic Media (SUNY Press 1995). He is currently working on a manuscript to be published by MIT press. Recent awards include Cyberstar 98 (GMD/WDR, Germany) and a residency at the Institut fur Bildmedien, ZKM Karlsruhe, spring97. He is European Professor of Interactive Environments, a joint position at University of Portsmouth UK and Merz Akademie, Stuttgart.