Faculty Subjects

Robert Nideffer
University of California, Irvine, USA
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Abstract: "Faculty Subjects" is a project that playfully examines issues of agents and agency in relation to the increasing pressure for knowledge workers to establish their electronic presence. It is a personal reaction to the growing need to be perpetually accessible and responsive to students, colleagues, and administrators through a proliferation of communication devices. A significant portion of the project also addresses the challenges associated with creating both institutional and interpersonal frameworks for remote collaboration.

Technically, "Faculty Subjects" is built on top of a java-based mobile agent management system (MAM), that has been in development as part of an interdisciplinary research initiative at the University of California. The MAM system allows synchronous and asynchronous access to data resources via multiple interfaces (ASCII, HTML, JAVA) to shared information spaces.

About the Presenter: Robert Nideffer researches, teaches, and publishes in the areas of virtual environments and behavior, interface theory and design, technology and culture, and contemporary social theory. He holds an MFA in Computer Arts, and a Ph.D. in Sociology. Currently he is an Assistant Professor in Studio Art and Information and Computer Science at UC Irvine.