The Stories of The 7 Speaking Mountains

Tulle Ruth Koefoed-Jespersen
Independent Artist, Norway
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Abstract: The 7 mountains around Bergen are a characteristic trademark of the town. The mountains have been a topic of conversation since the beginning of the 18th century and right up to the present day, but "Who has ever asked the mountains?"

"The Stories of the Seven Mountains" is a locally-oriented SOUND PROJECT which attempts to establish a dialog with The Seven Mountains.

The project is a technological pilot project where the 3-D digital terrain model of the 7 mountains has been put/integrated into a 3-D speech program and enabled the mountains to develop their stories. 7 unique stories are almost fully expressed and will from the 28th of May be presented at each of the 7 mountaintops and all during the summer of 2000. From mid-June, Gallery EKKO presents other profiles of the project in an attempt to have the viewer find their own and new mountain-stories, as well as exploring new ideas of technology (i.e., how does it work if the pixels of the computers are put back into the ordinary space? how can it be possible to walk on a pixel ?).

In order to succeed, a construction and exploration of NETWORKS within and outside the regular artistic framework have been undertaken across and throughout numerous spheres of thought and imagery: human, technical, institutional, national, international and ethnical.

The method used for developing "The Stories of the Seven Mountains" has been an explorative one, where possible, arranging WORKSHOPS: until now 6 different workshops have been carried out within the last year. 5 can be studied in my web-page, which is almost ready.

The actual documentation of "The Stories of the Seven Mountains" has been carried out using photography, video and audio recordings which have subsequently been processed and interpreted in accordance with the usual principles in basic research. But primarily, the project is a cross-disciplinary art-work.

About the Presenter: Born 1962 in Denmark. Has studied Theory of Education for some years at Copenhagen University. Trained as Occupational Therapist and worked as this from 1992-98. 1995-97 Hovedskous Malarskola, Gothenburg, Sweden including different group-shows. 1997- present: Student at Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen, avdl. Kunstakademiet. Several group- and solo-shows during the last years.