A Dozen Interactive Movies, 1994-2000

Chris Hales
UWE Bristol, UK

Abstract: I make experimental interactive movies that are generally experienced as an installation for galleries, or a cdrom. They are live-action works in which the visual metaphors for interaction, and the structures chosen, differ according to the type of story being told. Because the movies are conceived from a visual approach, scriptwriting is not involved in its traditional sense, and at the same time the ideas and content are overwhelmingly more important than the technology. My interactive movies resemble the movies that we know and love, but are conceived to communicate totally different things. I intend to show a dozen movies at DAC2000.

The Installation:

My proposal is to set up a retrospective of all my movies, using a cut-down version of the installation which has toured internationally (to save on space, time, cost, and hardware requirements). All the movies can be accessed from a computer adapted with (my own supplied-) touch screen. All interaction is by touching the glass screen. There is no keyboard or mouse and users will choose a movie from an onscreen selection menu - a special button enables the users to quit any movie and return to the selection menu. External speakers or headphones are used for the audio. Space requirements: the computer can be placed on a table on any convenient location at the venue.

The Content:

The following movies, covering different subjects and genres and modes of interaction, can be shown together at DAC2000. This includes a new work which wil be produced during Spring 2000 when I will be IASPIS Artist-in-Residence based in the Interactive Institute, Malmoe, Sweden.

1994 The Morph Meadow
1995 The Twelve Loveliest Things I Know, Jinxed!
1996 Les Mystères du Chateau de D..., Lagan, Len's Stories
1997 Sketchbook, Messed Up!
1998 Bliss, Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, Tallinn People's Orchestra
1999 Grandad
2000 Untitled, to be made in Malmo/Copenhagen Spring 2000

About the Presenter: Senior Lecturer in digital media at UWE Bristol and PhD Research student "Making Interactive Movies Work" Royal College of Art Workshop Leader, SAGA's Writing Interactive Fiction (freelance).

Exhibition venues have included Seoul, Warsaw, Rejykvik, San Francisco, Nagoya (Japan), Utrecht, Montreal and Sydney. Artistic Excellence prize at the Artec95 Biennale exhibition in Nagoya; "LAB002: Twelve" published by Research Publishing in 1996. He has published several papers around the subject, and taught numerous workshops internationally.